O2 Dumping Phone Chargers as Part of Eco Push

By Gary Cutlack on at

O2 has announced something it's calling the Think Big Blueprint, which is a collection of sustainability boasts that may or may not save carbon and stop the planet exploding for a few more minutes. One of the interesting tangible plans it's putting in to action is a decision to stop issuing chargers with new mobile phones.

This move will "tackle the environmental impact of phone charging" according to O2, although you'll still be charging your phone up somehow, so the only real saving may be from stopping Michael McIntyre amassing so many unnecessary phone chargers in his comedy drawer of unused electrical items.

As well as removing chargers from phone boxes, O2 says it wants to "Be the UK network that champions making mobile phones last longer" by encouraging users to keep their clunky old previous generation smartphones for longer, signing up for SIM-only tariffs and updating their software. If only "updating software" was that easy, O2. [O2 via MacWorld]