Official Microsoft Office Suite For the iPad On the Way

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Daily managed to get its iPad-loving mitts on a working prototype of Microsoft’s Office app for Apple’s tablet, which apparently features interface cues taken from Redmond’s existing OneNote app with a decent pinch of Metro rolled in for good measure.

The Office app is scheduled for App Store submission soon and will chuck Word, Excel and PowerPoint all into one program. Office documents will editable online and offline, presumably hooking in with Microsoft’s Office Live or SkyDrive.

I’m assuming Microsoft won’t have much of an issue getting this thing through the App Store approval process, but then again Apple could always stick a wrench in the works. Android fans looking for a Microsoft Office to call their own will be disappointed to learn it’s not coming, at least according to The Daily’s sources -- you’ll just have to console yourself with something like Documents To Go. [The Daily]