Olympus Scandal Results In Top Executive Death

By Sam Gibbs on at

The long running Olympus corruption scandal that saw ties with the mob, hiding loses and executives leaving left and right has taken another sad turn with the apparent suicide of one of its top executives, Tsutomi Omori in New Delhi.

Omori was the head of medical equipment for India, and was found hanging from a boundary wall in a park that forms part of an apartment complex in Gurgaon, outside New Delhi. Two suicide notes accompanied the body.

This is the latest development in the sordid saga, which saw the company hooked up with the Japanese mob; hide its loses since 1990; saw the companies offices raided by police, and had executives quitting left, right and center.

The scandal has rocked the company to its core, and for a traditionally proud people like the Japanese, it must have been a serious embarrassment for all involved at the company. [Money Control]

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