Panasonic's Europe-Bound Smartphone Gets Official and a Name

By Sam Gibbs on at

We’ve been awaiting Panasonic’s re-entry into the European smartphone market with bated breath ever since we got wind that the Japanese electronics giant had its sights trained on our side of the world. Now we have a name to put to that pretty face – the Eluga.

It’s been confirmed for Spring this year, and although details like OS, po still a bit scarce from Panasonic right now, it’s tipped to weight just 103g. That’s pretty light for a modern smartphone full to the brim with the things we crave. Things like a qHD 960 x 540 OLED screen, NFC, and being waterproof and dustproof. It even looks pretty ergonomic, which’ll be a nice change for anyone used to the square-ish slabs we’re getting out of the likes of Apple and co these days.

Hopefully we should get a load more details soon, perhaps next week at MWC where it'll be joining its Japanese rival Fujitsu, but in the meantime, you can ogle the device renders above. [SlashGear]