PETA's Vegan Sex Ad Isn't All Fun and Games

By Jon Partridge on at

America's People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals might be gunning for animal rights, but it seems to have forgotten about the objectification of women and hard sex in the process.

PETA's latest ad campaign uses depictions of domestic or sexual violence to, for some reason, encourage people to go vegan. What PETA is trying to display is that the girl had such a good time under the sheets with her vegan boyfriend that she bought him some more veggies, yet it looks like its completely missed the mark on this one. Indirectly, it's made it look like vegans are going to put you in a neck brace after a raunchy vegetable-fuelled sex session. While no stranger to controversy, it seems like PETA really is going hardcore with this ad just for controversy's sake.

While I'm not sure this is going to make me want to support PETA or turn vegan -- it will, however, make me think twice about dating a a vegan, as I don't want to end up in a neck brace -- no matter how good they are. [The Guardian and YouTube]