Phone Boxes Reincarnated As Bookshelves Finally Make Phone Booths Useful

By Casey Chan on at

If you pay close attention to the streets of any city, you might notice the boxy, armored shields that house telephones. Yes! Phone boxes still exist. Of course no one ever uses them because everyone has a mobile phone but yet they still stand, like unwavering artificial trees. But what if we convert phone booths to bookshelves? Hmm...

Think about it! Solving the obsolete technology of phone boxes with another type of technology on the edge of obsolescence itself (books). How poetic is that? The project was started by New York architect John Locke who's been repurposing phone booths by installing plywood bookshelves within the booth's housing. The idea is to create a pop-up communal library for a city. It's a great idea! Well, it's a great idea in theory but I'm sure all the books will be stolen and never returned when let out. This is why we can't have good things. [John Locke via Design Boom]