Pizza Vs. Skeletons for iPhone and iPad: Gonzo Genre Lunacy, with Plenty of Extra Toppings

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Ah, pizza. Verily, 'tis the breakfast of champions. But what happens when that doughy disc of carb-laden goodies becomes 25 feet tall and sentient? According to Pizza Vs. Skeletons, it dedicates its life to rescuing puppies from the evil dead. Saucy.

Each level takes the giant pizza on a different mission, hopping from genre to genre with such hyperactive insanity that you barely stop to question it. In one, it has to crush the advancing skeletons, grinding their bones to dust. In another, it has to roll down a slope collecting coins. In yet another, it has to rescue puppies from wrongful incarceration, gathering up the rescued canines like an edible Katamari.

Collecting coins through each level (and from an occasional spin on the Wheel of Pizza) enables players to customise their appearance, adding on extra toppings like anchovy and pineapple, or swap out the pizza entirely for spherical objects like car tyres and baseballs. It has zero impact on your performance, but playing as a glazed donut with a moustache and aviator shades certainly ups the zany factor. You can even share your creation on Facebook and Twitter.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons has a quirky, hand-drawn style, with a stupidly upbeat hammond organ playing over the soundtrack. The premise is wildly, delightfully bonkers, and throughout the 100 plus levels you're guaranteed a helluva good time. Just this once, we're being encouraged to play with our food.


Pizza Vs. Skeletons is available now on App Store (£1.99)