Plain-Clothed Copper Chases His Own Tail After CCTV Police Confusion

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a story you just couldn’t make up even if you tried, a junior Sussex police officer sent a plain-clothes copper on a wild goose-chase around town, literally chasing his own shadow for 20 minutes.

The CCTV operator called in the incognito street-beater after seeing someone “acting suspiciously” in the area. Little did the man on the ground know that that someone was actually himself in a ridiculous case of mistaken identity. The camera operator had him running around in circles chasing himself for a whole 20 minutes. It wasn’t until a sergeant trundled into the cam-watching room and recognised the plain-clothed officer on the ground, that the hilariously embarrassing mistake was realised.

How on Earth you could send one person chasing round in circles after himself when you’re sitting in front of a real-time feed, Lord only knows. Poor chap’s never going to live that one down. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: CCTV from Shutterstock