Gordon Ramsay Sparks Potato Peeler-Panic In Brixton Prison

By Sam Gibbs on at

Gordon Ramsay recently caused a serious spud-related security scare over at Brixton Prison where he’s teaching inmates how to cook for a new show. His production team set off a prison wide search after it appeared a potato peeler was missing and potentially in the lethal hands of those at her Majesty’s pleasure.

As reported in the Sunday Mirror, after a two-hour search Gordon’s crew realised that they’d simply miscounted and that all peelers were accounted for; much to the relief and, undoubtedly, annoyance of prison staff I’ll bet.

Pesky TV chefs don’t know when to quit eh? Maybe it’s all part of a sneaky prison reform scheme to get Gordon in to shout them back into submission. Still, it’s a bit worrying them bringing potentially lethal weapons into prison and not bothering to count them properly. I know a potato peeler’s not exactly the most deadly weapon in the kitchen, but considering offenders sharpen up toothbrushes into shivs, they’d have had a field day with one of Gordon’s fancy spud peelers. [Brixton Blog]

Image credit: Ramsay from Shutterstock