Raspberry Pi Now Available to Buy In Britain -- If You Can Find One

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yes, the fabled day has come. You can now buy that itsy-bitsy British-born pocket computer we’ve all been so excited about. It’s time to plonk down your £21.60 and snag yourself a mini-marvel.

Trouble is everyone and their Mums’ are trying to grab one right now. It’s available through two British online retailers – RS and Farnell – who are also handling manufacturing and distribution going forward for the Raspberry Pi foundation. As of writing both are getting hammered pretty heavily with RS shoving up a “register you interest page”, so you might have to keep hitting refresh all day. Even the Raspberry Pi site is having issues; so if you’re after up-to-the-minute news, follow the @Raspberry_Pi twitter feed.

If you can get through to one of the shopping sites, up for grabs is model “B”, which includes an Ethernet port and two USB ports for all your home enthusiast needs. Apparently a cheaper model “A” is in the works too, and an education launch will happen sometime later this year.

It’s time to finally put it to the test, and I can’t wait to get it in my hands. Don’t forget to snag yourself a 2GB or larger SD card and the Fedora Remix to power the thing. Let us know if you’re lucky enough to grab yourself a slice of Pi in the comments. [Raspberry Pi]

Thanks Darrell!