Read a Fantastic Long-Lost Star Trek Script as an Ebook

By Sam Gibbs on at

Listen up Trekkies: Here’s your chance to own a piece of previously unreleased Star Trek history. Norman Spinrad, writer of arguably the best Original Series episode, The Doomsday Machine, also wrote another one, He Walked Among Us, which never got made. Now you can own and read the full, unbastardised original script for just £6.

The story goes that Gene Roddenberry, the father of Star Trek, commissioned Spinrad to write another serious episode for a famous American comedian, Milton Berle. Unfortunately, the then producer took one look at the script and crippled it into an unfunny comedy, not realising that Berle was also a serious actor.

The episode was killed when Spinrad showed the horrendous bastardisation of his work to Roddenberry and the original script was lost forever. That was until a fan of Spinrad showed up with one for him to autograph.

Spinrad duly signed it like a good celebrity should, and in return got a scanned copy. He took that and produced the ebook from it, which is now available via Amazon, among other places, for just £5.88.

So go-forth dear Trekkies, purchase yourself another piece of Star Trek history, which has been brought kicking and screaming into the digital age -- judging by the reviews on Amazon, it doesn't read half bad either. [Normal Spinrad via iO9]