Reckless Racing 2 for Android and iOS: Buckle Up for a Bumpy Ride

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Vrooom vrooom! Choose from a selection of 18 cars, whether they're dune buggies or gleaming supercars, and fling them through 24 tracks of mud, gravel and tarmac. It's reckless, it's racing, it's Reckless Racing 2.

The action is presented from a top-down perspective, with six little matchbox cars competing on a detailed landscape of dirt roads and race tracks. Players can choose between the career mode, taking part in cup races to earn money and buy more cars, or they can simply kick back with the arcade modes and online multiplayer.

The career mode is our favourite. Cars need to be upgraded (or downgraded) to participate in each successive cup, and you'll spend as much time tinkering with your custom jalopy as you will racing it. Crossing that finish line requires preparation as well as skill – and the occasional bit of luck.

The physics are impressive too, with cars power-sliding around corners and bouncing off each other with crazed abandon. A routine highlight sees you turning a sharp bend on a steep cliff, with the tail of the car perilously dangling over the precipice. Reckless Racing 2 has a boisterous attitude, but underneath the bonnet is a polished and intelligent design.


Reckless Racing 2 is available now on Android Market (£3.15) and the App Store (£2.99)