Refurbished iMacs For £799 Are Your Other-People's-DNA Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

PC or Mac? PC or Mac? PC or Mac? It’s a tough one, but as we don’t have a PC that’s been drastically cut in price to wave under your noses today, we’re going to say MAC ALL THE WAY, BABY.

More specifically, it’s the latest generation Apple iMac MC309, and although it’s a refurbished model, it could be yours for only £799, a mighty £200 less than its RRP. You’ll also get a 12 month warranty chucked in for good measure as well as a free upgrade to OS X Lion if that’s the kind of stuff you’re into, you sicko. It’s all part of an Apple clearance over at the Currys website, and there’s a few other items of Jobsian beauty for you to go all giddy over as well.


Today's Bonus Dealz:

- Playstation Vita Wi-fi plus pre-order pack – only £199.99.
- PlayStation Vita Wi-fi plus 8GB memory card and pre-order pack – only £218.99.
- Kingston 16GB DataTraveler SE9 USB flash drive – yours for just £9.95.
- House Of The Dead: Overkill (Extended Cut ) for the PS3 (Move-compatible) – yours for just £9.99.
- Panasonic 50” TX-P50C3B VIERA HD Plasma TV (refurb) – just £319.99.
- Get the WipEout 2048 game on PS Vita for free when you top up £5.00 on Vodafone PAYG.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger Collection (3-disc Blu-ray box set - Total Recall, Raw Deal and Red Heat) – only £9.09.
- Sony PS3 320GB console with Assassin'sCreed Revelations and Karate Kid Blu-ray – only £199.
- PS3 Move Motion Controller – just £22.60.


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