Retro Racing for iPhone and iPad: New Top-Down Formula 1 Racer from Veteran Amiga Developer

By Bulent Yusuf on at

If a racing game is defiantly old school, can it still work in the era of intense visuals and hi-def realism? That's a question Retro Racing sets out to answer, with 16-bit graphics, responsive controls, and fiendish AI opponents. Coded by veteran Amiga developer Mr. Qwak (Nitro, ATR), it's a zippy little number and no mistake.

The action is presented in a top-down perspective, with only three buttons for the controls: accelerate, left and right. Choose one of three cars and then fling them around the track, competing for pole position against seven other opponents. These rivals are devious buggers, and they're not afraid to give your car a bash if it means pipping you to the post.

The choice of car makes a big difference to the game, in that they each have a particular set of strengths and weaknesses. Power-ups are scattered around each of the twelve tracks, so hoover them up to temporarily boost your specs. Your opponents will have the same idea, however, so best grab them before they do.

The controls in Retro Racing are absolutely brilliant. The graphics and audio may be modest, but it's incredible how three basic buttons can contain so much depth and complexity. Power-sliding is a required skill to master these tracks, and the game makes it incredibly easy to learn. Gentlemen, start your engines.


Retro Racing is available now on the App Store (69p)