Rinspeed Bolts a Backpack On a Smart and Creates a Monstrosity Of a Six-Wheel Microcar

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Smart Fortwo wasn’t exactly the best looking car in the world, but when you pimp it out with a detachable third-axel, you get something that even Pimp My Ride would be ashamed of.

The Dock+Go is the brainchild of Rinspeed, the Swiss auto-modders, which essentially adds a trunk to your Smart for those times when that pathetic excuse for boot just isn’t enough for all your shopping. It’s just a concept right now, but Rinspeed is seriously looking at making this thing.

I loathe Chelsea tractors, but if I start seeing this thing hit the streets, it might top my hatred of the gas-guzzlers. [eMercedes via Ubergizmo]