Royal Mint Marks 100th Anniversary of Titantic's Doomed Voyage With a £83 Five Quid Coin

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’m still not quite sure why everyone’s so overly jubilant about the anniversary of a disaster, but it seems the world has gone Titanic crazy, including the Royal Mint. It’s pumped out a fancy looking commemorative £5 coin to mark the occasion, which you can buy for a whole £82.50, plus shipping of course.

There’s also a cheaper alternative that’s not silver, but it’ll still burn a £12.99 plus shipping-shaped hole in your wallet. The souvenir depicts the “Goddess of Death” Thane looking over the doomed ship and apparently is legal tender just like every other commemorative five quid.

The coins are pretty cool I have to admit; I want one even if some of my relatives died on-board. I just can’t believe the RM’s got the cheek to charge you for shipping on top of £83 though – for something that’s worth £5 as cash. It’s not like we’re made of money, unlike the RM. [Royal Mint 1, 2 via PA]