Safe Driver? Prove it and Pay Less for Insurance

By Gary Cutlack on at

The AA is planning to launch a satnav-enabled car insurance policy, which would give drivers some small way to help reduce their spiralling premiums by "proving" they're safe on the roads.

Those who sign up for one of its new Drivesafe policies will have a man from The AA install a ‘pay-how-you-drive’ Drivesafe box in their cars, which tracks data like your speed, cornering and braking behaviour, which will be used to create a custom Drivesafe score. It also checks where you park the car overnight and how many miles you drive, so no bending the truth with those two any more.

The better your score, the lower your continually adjusted insurance premium may be. An online Drive safe Dashboard and forthcoming iPhone app will let users track their own scores and work on their skills. [AA Drivesafe via BBC]