Samsung Galaxy S III to Land in March? (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to tipsters, Samsung’s much-rumoured Galaxy S III will launch on the 13th of March in Turkey, throwing weight behind an April or before launch in the UK.

We’ve heard that Samsung’s not going to show off its latest and greatest at MWC this month, so perhaps it’ll hold its own launch event immediately after in March.

There are also rumours of a spec-bumped Galaxy S II Plus sporting a dual-core 1.4GHz chip – something akin to the Galaxy S Advance just in the Galaxy S II’s shell. It certainly looks like Samsung’s trying to recycle some of its designs, which in fairness is exactly what Apple’s been doing with the iPhone and that's sold like hot cakes. It would kind of make sense if the bumped Galaxy phones are marketed as budget-friendly, while the new S III comes in at the top end.

At any rate, come on Samsung; give us something Ice Cream Sandwich-packing to truly lust over. [MobileCowboys via SlashGear]

Update: Samsung's come out and stated that the Galaxy S III won't appear at MWC as rumoured. It also said that it would be unveiled at a separate event in the "first half of the year". That could chime with what we've heard above, but also could point to a summer launch around June, which would put it in Apple's presumed iPhone 5 launch territory. It'll be interesting to see whether Samsung's going to go head-to-head with Apple, or whether we'll see it just go for the solo launch event in March/April as previously rumoured.