Samsung's Got an Even Bigger Galaxy Note 10.1-Inch Up Its Sleeve

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently a hand-stretching 5.3-inch screen just isn't big enough. It looks like Samsung just let slip that it’s got a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Note on its way and that it’ll probably be unveiled at MWC.

The folks over at The Verge spotted a developer flier that had a Galaxy Note 10.1 listed under “latest Samsung technology”. The event is focussed on Samsung’s own Wacom-style stylus, which adds some weight to inclusion of a new Galaxy Note over just a typo.

A bit of digging also revealed a casting call for a “teen student” for a Galaxy Note 10.1 advert, which set an early February shooting date.

Both snippets together point to an appearance of a bigger brother to the original Galaxy Note at MWC. It’ll be interesting to see how Samsung plays the marketing game on this one though. Up until now all Note advertising has pushed it as an alternative to the phone and tablet, not one or the other. With a 10.1-inch Note they’ll be no doubt it’s a tablet, a pen-equipped one at that, but just a tablet.

Whatever happens, the Galaxy Note 10.1 could be the holy grail of tablets for digital artists and fans of the hand-written word alike. Even a drawing-challenged dude like me would love to have a doodle on one. [The Verge]