Scammers Use Impostor Apps to Flood the Android Marketplace With Malware

By Adrian Covert on at

Android apps such as Jetpack Joyride, Madden NFL 12, Pinterest and Batman Arkham City Lockdown are rife with malware. But these aren't the official apps. No, they're merely impostor apps that have snuck past the security gates of the Android Market.

According to Android Police, a scam outfit calling itself Rovio Mobile Ltd. (yes, it's even ripping off the name of the Angry Birds developer) has committed the most blatant form of IP theft and are duping people into infecting their phone with apps intended to collect your info and spam your inbox. And MSNBC says that's not all:

Also found lurking the Android Market is a phony version of the Pinterest app, the popular new online pinboard. The bogus Pinterest app, from the ironically named developer "Official Android App," installs other apps without the user's permission.

A glance at the user reviews for "Jetpack Joyride" tells the true tale of the game's intentions.

"Will not let me enter my email address to download the full version! What a load of rubbish," wrote a user named Bethanie on Feb. 5.

Beware what developers you're downloading from. [Android Police via MSNBC]