Seven Nation Army Played on Science Lab Kit Is a Nerdtastic Delight

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Playing music with instruments is overrated. But while we've seen songs played on old computer kit before, this video takes things further: get ready to hear The White Stripe's Seven Nation Army played entirely on kit found in a science lab.

The video was made by a team of Imperial College London students in the university's Blast Lab—a place where scientists study how explosions affect the human skeleton. It makes for a pretty loud environment, but the team of students tried to craft that noise into something coherent.

The result's actually pretty impressive. In particular, they've really managed to capture the heavily distorted guitar part convincingly. If you're intrigued as to what kit is being used to play each part, here's a breakdown:

Bass Guitar: Main sensor output cable
Bass Drum: Blast Rig
Toms: Hammer & Storm Case
Hi-Hat: Oil Spray
Cymbal: Blast Plate
'Vocals': Laces to contain dummy leg during blast
'Guitar': Accelerometer cable & Fastening Strings

[YouTube via Boing Boing]