Six3 Attempts to Make Video Messaging the Next Big Thing

By Sam Gibbs on at

These days it’s all about asynchronous communication. Gone is the need to actually call people – analogous to standing in front of someone shouting “talk to me now!” -- replaced by email, SMS and a plethora of other messaging services. But when it comes to video calling, how do you send a video message? There’s an app for that.

Six3 is a brand new app and service from a small team of Brits that's just coming out of the first stages of beta testing. It aims to slot into the void left wide-open by other video calling services – non-real time video messaging. Sure you can video call people with FaceTime or Skype, but you can’t easily leave a message and you normally have to pre-arrange a video call; you’ve got to give the person you’ve called time to put on a pair of pants and clean the crap out of their teeth (or is that just bloggers?).

The developers have attempted to make sending video messages simple, straightforward and easy enough for Grandma to do – after all, if the people you really want to send video messages to can’t actually see them and reply, what good is it?

Currently Six3 has an iPhone app and a web app for the desktop. Both apps are free, and so is the service. It’s a fledgling company, so the developers are open to suggestions. They’re also pretty concerned about rights and privacy, so you own the rights to your content, unlike services like Facebook.

The app certainly shows promise, there’s no doubt. There are plans for both Android and Windows Phone apps. Twitter and Facebook integration is also only about two weeks out, which’ll make it easier to connect to your friends.

The hard part might be convincing your friends they actually want to see your ugly mug, but video messaging might be the next big thing, so give it a whirl. The service officially launches its public beta push today, and you can download the free iPhone app or sign up on the Six3 website right now.