Skype Now Lets You Broadcast Your Ugly Mug In Full HD

By Sam Gibbs on at

Skype has just updated its Windows client to enable full HD video calling allowing you converse in 1080p with your mates. Now you’ll be able to see every exquisite detail of their fugly beautiful faces.

Of course you’ll need your video chatting partner-in-crime to be running Windows, have their client updated and have a 1080p webcam – which isn’t as common as you might think as most built-in units are just 1.3-megapixel not the 2MP+ required for full HD. You’ll also need a 2Mbps download and upload connection speed to support HD calling, so if your internet crawls then you need not apply.

Skype’s also bundled in support for video calling Facebook users, group screen sharing and push-to-talk, which should be a boon for gamers co-ordinating their strike plans over VoIP. [Skype]

Image credit: Video call from Shutterstock