Sky's Incoming F1 iPad App Sounds Awesome

By Sam Gibbs on at

Sky’s won the rights to broadcast F1, but it’s not just doing standard TV broadcasts; it’s rolling out a whole channel dedicated to F1 and it’s being backed up by a sweet-sounding iPad app that’s due to launch before the 18th of March.

Sky’s aiming to make its F1 experience consistent across all platforms. What that means is we should see something packing multiscreen viewing, text and video rolled in from the website and TV channel, as well as a whole host of other potentially awesome features.

Sky’s being pretty cagey over the specifics, but as it told T3, it’s all because Apple’s a tad unpredictable when it comes to letting these things sail through its approval process. Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t stick its oar in and we get something truly worth paying for -- F1 on Sky isn’t exactly cheap after all. [T3]