Sony Fires Another Salvo of Point-and-Shoots Into the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

Unlike the rest of the company, Sony’s Cybershot line just seems to keep on growing. It’s unleashed another cluster bomb of cameras for your enjoyment, including the sexy-looking yet rugged TX20, and the 'world’s slimmest' 10x optical zoom point-and-shoot.

If you’re prone to dropping your camera onto concrete or into water, the 16.2MP TX20 might be the camera for you. It promises to survive falls of 1.5m, is water proof to 5m deep, and will survive sub-zero temperatures and a dust storm. The surprising thing is it doesn’t look like a beaster – in fact it looks just like a regular slinky T-series from Sony.

Meanwhile, the WX100 squeezes a decent 10x optical zoom and 18.2MP sensor into a body that’s just 17.5mm thick. The last in the newbies, the W690 keeps the 10x zoom but drops the megapixels to just 16.1 and adds a bit of chub for the more budget end. Sony’s playing-up its new Advanced Aspherical (AA) lens for this season, which apparently boosts optical zoom while shrinking size and maintaining image quality.

If your phone hasn’t already taken over point-and-shoot duties, or you’re not lusting over Nokia’s new crazy 41-megapixel beast, then look out for these to drop between April and May. [Sony]