Sony's Google TV Boxes Arriving Earlier Than Expected, In Spring (Updated)

By Kat Hannaford on at

Last we heard of Sony's two Google TV boxes, the Blu-ray drive-equipped NSZ-GP9 and non-Blu-ray NSZ-GS7 models were due to launch in the UK in summer. But today, Sony told Giz UK that we can expect to see them in spring, giving the company a "more clear direction of where to go," in regards to the future of Google TV.

While Google TV has been met with a lukewarm reaction in the US, Sony's deputy senior general manager for the home entertainment group, Hiroshi Sakamoto, still believes there's space in Europe for the connected services, calling the boxes "one of our greatest products," but he couldn't resist poking a finger at Google's oft-challenged fragmentation issues, saying that "when Google changes the OS, the timing can be bad if we launch a new product two months before a new one."

As confirmed late January, Sony will ship the two Google TV boxes with a redesigned remote control, which will feature a touchpad, plus gyroscope and voice control.

Updated: Speaking to Sony's UK reps, it sounds as though Sakamoto got ahead of himself there, and it could be as late as October for the Google TV boxes. Gulp.