Sony's Little Xperia U Plonked Beside an Xperia S

By Gary Cutlack on at

We know all about the Xperia S, the big new Android model from Sony that's set to launch here in a couple of weeks. Now here's a better look at its little sister, the smaller, bezel-heavy Xperia U.

The still unannounced Xperia U, which we've seen before under a wide variety of odd prototype names, features the same design style as the whopping great Xperia S. It doesn't have quite as much lust appeal when reduced in scale, but the rather bold, angular design and Sony's new illuminated notification strip have survived the shrinking process.

It looks like the Xperia U will sit in the Sony range in a similar spot to where last year's excellent little Xperia Ray lived, with a screen size around the 3.5" level. [Android HD via AC]