Sony's On the Right Track With UK PS Vita Game Pricing

By Sam Gibbs on at

You’ve read the review, you’re eagerly awaiting the 22nd of February release, and now you’re trying to plan you game purchases. I have good news for you, PS Vita games, at least those you download, aren’t going to cost the Earth.

Thankfully, Sony seems to have twigged that people don’t want to pay living-room prices for console-quality portable games. Download-only games will set you back between £4.79 and £9.99 each, with MotorStorm RC, Super Stardust: Delta, Top Darts, Hustle Kings and Escape Plan all announced for the UK launch.

With the rise of near-console-quality games available for under a fiver on your smartphone, perhaps a cheap-but-good game pricing strategy out of Sony will give the PS Vita a fighting chance. [Pocket Gamer]