Sources Say: A New Apple TV to Launch in March With New iPads

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Apple-rumour-crazed folks over at 9to5Mac have it from “reliable sources” that the supposed Apple TV refresh is happening, and we’ll see a new set-top box launch with three new iPads in March.

With a pinch of salt, the story goes that Apple’s new Apple TV will pack a faster processor, possibly an A5, that’ll finally enable it to stream 1080p content (Mountain Lion screen sharing over AirPlay anyone?). We heard how stocks are running low and PC World is totally out of them in the UK, so this seems pretty likely to me; there's no mention of an Apple HDTV here.

On the iPad 3 front, “sources” are saying that Apple will in fact launch three new iPad models to replace the current two: a Wi-Fi only version; a 3G version, and possibly an LTE-powered 4G version (although this could turn out to be a less than exciting American CMDA model). Apparently they’re already on their way here too, with pre-orders going live on announcement day.

9to5Mac also has it that an accessory of some kind is in the works, possibly a Bluetooth remote, a clip-on HDTV screen, or maybe even a game controller for Apple TV-based gaming? I pulled the last two out of thin air, but if it comes true, you heard it here first folks. Roll on the first week of March. [9to5Mac]