Spotify Sticks to Its Guns and Turns Down Adele

By Sam Gibbs on at

British songstress Adele’s Grammy Award-winning album 21 isn’t on Spotify, but it’s not because she hates all streaming, just free streaming. Spotify said no because it didn’t want to bend its business model to accommodate her, no matter how many albums she's been selling of late.

Apparently Adele was quite happy to have her songs available for streaming, but only to Premium subscribers -- not through the free ad-supported service. Spotify decided that it didn’t want to split its content catalogue; its business model of enticing people with the same library through free streaming certainly seems to be working great.

While Spotify might have shot themselves in the foot a bit by not securing 2011’s most popular album, it shows that it’s prepared to stick to its guns and won’t compromise its business model or principles for any artist. I have to say I kind of like that about Spotify; it won’t bend over for artists no matter how big, which is something that can’t be said for a lot of other services and companies. [FastCompany via TechRadar]

Image credit: Adele from Shutterstock