Tracked Stolen iPhone Leads Police to Smash Down the Wrong Door

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a massive technology fail, the rozzers kicked in an innocent man’s door after they wrongfully tracked a stolen iPhone to his humble abode.

Using an iPad to track his stolen iPhone, a victim of a burglary pinpointed the location of his supposed half-hitched phone to a one Robert Kerr’s house in Sherwood, Nottingham. The police, convinced by the pulsating blue dot on the map, promptly smashed into the place expecting to find the miscreant burglar hiding out -- it had to be there. Instead they found bugger all; the place was empty, as the landlord was in the middle of renovating the place.

According to a police spokesperson the gullible coppers hadn’t just gone on the basis of a blinking blue dot, but were lead to believe that this normally empty property had people in it that evening – probably Mr. Kerr doing a bit of DIY I’d imagine. Now Kerr is out of pocket to the tune of £500-odd for a new door and the coppers don’t seem to be coughing up for their rude intrusion either – he’s been made a victim himself thanks to a technology fail.

GPS might be handy for finding you way around, or working out where in the hell you were when you last saw your phone. But just like how you shouldn’t implicitly trust your GPS as it’s leading you up the garden path, don’t go kicking in other people’s doors just because that trustworthy-looking blue light tells you so. OK? [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Police from Shutterstock