Stop What You're Doing and Start Salivating Over This Bacon Milkshake

By Casey Chan on at

Americanese fast food outlet Jack in the Box has some crap-your-pants good news that'll make today feel like your birthday: they're going to be selling bacon milkshakes. YES. What's even awesomer: vegetarians, Muslims and Jews can drink it too!

Sadly for pork lovers, the shake is only bacon-flavoured which to swine haters means the shake is vegetarian! Jack in the Box flavours the bacon shake with Torani bacon-flavoured syrup so you might be even able to pass this off as a healthy meal (no you can't). I'm a little sad that they didn't mix up real bacon in the shake but hey, I'm sure it tastes amazing.

The Bacon milkshake is supposedly a secret item so you'll have to whisper it under your breath if you happen to find yourself Stateside. According to the Jack in the Box a regular bacon shake has 773 calories and 40 grams of fat. Tasty! [Jack in the Box via Huffington Post]