Stream High Quality Audio on the Cheap With NuForce's Air DAC

By Adrian Covert on at

Most people aren't opposed to audio that sounds good, but gear can get expensive. When you move into streaming audio, you might as well think about pulling out a second mortgage. But NuForce thinks its Air DAC can bridge the gap between performance and price.

The NuForce doesn't use a wireless streaming standard like AirPlay or DLNA to push audio, but rather their own proprietary technology that requires a USB or 30-pin dongle. That's kind of a bummer, but it does make setup easier, and has a neat feature where a connected device will automatically switch over to the nearest receiver when in range.

The Air DAC receiver will cost about £100 on its own, and you can get the USB and iOS dongles for £40-odd and £55-odd, respectively. You can also get either in a bundle with the receiver for around £120 and £135, respectively. Expect to see these available in March. [NuForce]