T-Mobile's Full Monty Data Plan Throttled to 1Mb?

By Gary Cutlack on at

There was a fairly large outbreak of fury over the weekend, after a T-Mobile operative said its new Fully Monty unlimited data plan was to be throttled at 1Mb. But then someone else from T-Mobile said it wasn't. Who do we believe?

As ever with these cases, different people are getting different answers out off T-Mobile's tech support people. We're seeing reports from a few new users of the data plan saying they're seeing top speeds at around the 95k - 100k download speed, so even if there isn't a specific cap in place, the data connection does appear to be a bit limited or just slightly flaky regardless.

But then again, do you really need more speed than 1Mb when browsing on your phone anyway? [T-Mobile via Coolsmartphone]