Terrifying Tentacle Showerhead Can Reach Your Every Nook And Cranny

By Andrew Liszewski on at

I'm assuming who ever created this tentacle showerhead was inspired by those Sentinel creatures in The Matrix films. That, or Medusa, except that these appendages don't slither or turn you to stone.

The Sculpture, or Scu-Head, from Vado can be mounted overhead in a shower stall as is more traditional. But given its articulated limbs that can be repositioned to direct the flow of water in multiple directions, I think it would be far more useful installed a little lower so you can use it to reach and clean spots you normally couldn't.

I just wish it didn't come with a £795 price tag, not including installation. For that amount of scratch I'd just happily hack up a garden hose and build my own. [Vado via The Fancy]