Tesco Punts Cheap "Unlimited" Broadband for just £2.50

By Sam Gibbs on at

Tesco’s attempting to claim a chunk of the British broadband market, just like everything else it seems, and is offering “unlimited” broadband for just £2.50 a month. There’s got to be a catch right?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of catches -- £2.50 a month for unlimited broadband is too good to be true. The first is that you have to pay line rental as well, which is £13.75 a month at its cheapest. Combined that takes you to £16.25, which is still pretty cheap for ADSL, but it’s certainly not just £2.50.

The other catch, which you should be used by to now for everything that claims to be “unlimited” is that there is a limit – it’s 100GB. Tesco’s fair use policy says that it won’t cut you off immediately, but if you’re consistently downloading more then 100GB a month then you’ll have issues.

You also have to be a Clubcard member, but if you’ve ever shopped at Tesco you’ve probably already had one of them shoved down your throat. If you can’t grab yourself fibre to go blazingly fast, going cheap is probably the next best thing, so Tesco might be worth considering.

Image credit: Broadband from Shutterstock