The Amazing Special Effects of The Walking Dead Are What Make the Show Scary

By Casey Chan on at

Just like Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead is a fake good show. All the style and swagger, none of the substance. It had its moment during season one but this season has been a snoozefest filled with yawns, farms and not enough walkers. But you know what's still great? The special effects.

Zombies don't make themselves you know, and if you're going to make a show that's set in a zombie ridden world, you have to nail the creeptastic, crawl heavy nature of the walking dead. And heavy makeup plays a part but to create scale, fear and power, you need the magic of special effects. All that vomit realistic gore? Special effects. All those scenes of city destruction? Green screened. All the zombies? Fake! (you knew that one, I hope).

I hope The Walking Dead can find itself again as no one does the fear of suspense quite like they do but no matter what, I'm going to keep watching. Watching zombies get blowed up is too fun. [YouTube via TV Tattle]