The BBC Shows You What an Internet Troll Looks Like In Real Life

By Sam Gibbs on at

We all suffer trolls badly; some of us are even guilty of a bit of trolling ourselves. But have you ever wondered what they look like in real life? Wonder no more -- the BBC managed to track down the prolific troll Nimrod Severn and confronted him for Panorama.

Darren Burton is his real name, and he’s a nasty racist that loves to dump all over RIP pages on Facebook with his vicious bile. He doesn’t look exactly like I thought he would (no slime green hair and broken teeth), but he’s just as militant. Although I was of the opinion that trolls only did their trolling under the illusion of anonymity the internet provides, it seems at least for Burton, trolling is an unfortunate life choice.

Check out the full episode over at the BBC for the full skinny on "internet bullies". [YouTube via The Next Web]