The Bomb Squad X-Rayed a Suspicious Package and Found a Cat Inside

By Casey Chan on at

In a disturbing story (that comes with a happy ending!), a bomb squad in Amherst, New York responded to reports of a suspicious package but instead of figuring out which colour wire to cut, they found a living cat sealed inside the box.

The package was actually x-rayed first (I guess they didn't hear any meows) to reveal the cat inside. Amazingly, the cat, named Truffle, wasn't malnourished, wasn't dehydrated and didn't even need any sort of veterinary care. The cat, originally a stray, was adopted by an owner who lost her while moving and has been re-united with her after this trapped in a box debacle.

No one knows how the cat got inside the mysterious package, how long she was inside or who the sick bastard was who put her there in the first place. We're just glad she's okay. [WIVB via Neatorama]