The First 1GHz Graphics Card: AMD's Radeon HD 7770 (and It's Cheap)

By Kyle Wagner on at

AMD's got two new 28nm video cards today, the AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition and the 7750. Compared to top-tier cards, they're pretty darn affordable, but not without a few concessions.

The 7770 is the first 1GHz graphics card, according to AMD. And compared to some other budget-busters, it's pretty affordable at around £110. But for all the clockspeed, it came in middle-of-the-pack compared to still-more-expensive cards in AnandTech's benchmarks.

Meanwhile, the £90-odd 800MHz 7750 isn't clocked quite as fast, but it also doesn't need its own power connector, and can run gaming-level performance at the very-low 75W power consumption. That's very, very efficient. The 7700 line will be followed by some beefier cards, probably pretty soon, but it's a nice surprise that the budget-friendly cards of this generation are here sooner rather than later. [MaximumPC, AnandTech]