The John Peel Collection Is Going Online

By Sam Gibbs on at

John Peel was a British music institution. He introduced more bands to the public than any other DJ of his or my generation. Now his home studio is set to be recreated by the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket for an Arts Council project called The Space. It will see his entire vinyl collection scanned-in and uploaded along with online access to the BBC radio archive of Peel’s sessions.

The John Peel Centre aims to put up 100 albums a week online totalling to 2,500 for this part of the project. The director of the Centre, Tom Barker, said:

"What we're hoping to do is create an online interactive museum which answers the question 'what is in John Peel's record collection?' but also provides the audience with a visualisation of it.”

I was never a massive fan of John Peel personally, only ever dipping into his sets occasionally over the years, but it’ll be incredible to visually browse his immense music collection online. Let’s hope copyright doesn’t get in the way too much so we can listen to the tracks as well as flick through the album covers. [BBC via The Verge]

Image credit: kzy from flickr