The Sinister Side of Fairy Tales

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you've ever read Grimm's Fairy Tales, you'll know such stories are best when they have a sinister streak. Photographer Thomas Czarnecki agrees, and his new collection reimagines childhood stories in order to lay their dark side bare.

Called "From Enchantment to Down", the collection of photographs by Paris-based Czarnecki depicts fairy tale heroines experiencing some dark times. From the Little Mermaid washed up on a beach, through Alice being held hostage, to Pocahontas slung over the shoulder of a hunter, you've probably never seen the stories told this way.

It's probably best if you don't show them to small children, though. They might get a little upset. You should, however, check out the full series at Design Boom and on Czarnecki's website. [Thomas Czarnecki via Design Boom; Images: Thomas Czarnecki]