The Super Soaker Lightning Storm Is a Water-Blasting Tommy Gun

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Nostalgia nothing, where were badass Super Soakers like this when I was a kid?

The new Lightning Storm is sure to turn the tide of next water war in your favor its one-litre of liquid ammo and full-auto firing. It's the largest battery-operated Super Soaker to date and runs on four AA batteries. This means you'll be able to assault your opponent's position — or at least lay down continuous covering fire — without having to stop and pump. Sure it doesn't shoot quite as far as the Nerf Hydro Cannon (7.5m for the Lightning vs. 10m for the Cannon), but who cares when you're toting more than double the water power?

The Lightning Storm also includes a detachable stock and blast shield. It will retail for around £20 when it's released later this spring. [Hasboro via DVice]

Image credit: Raymond Wong/DVICE