This Is the Siri Advert Apple Should Have Been Forced to Play In the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

My experience of Siri has been OKish as an Englishman with my generic southerner accent. But even I’ve got to admit the “I’m sorry, I can only… blah blah blah… in US English” really gets to me too, because frankly it’s not sorry is it? It’s just a machine, and it wouldn’t do it again if it was really sorry. Anyway, perhaps this is the advert the good old ASA should have forced Apple to run; it’s certainly a lot closer to the irritating truth for us Brits.

Apart from when Siri goes psycho, of course. Though it could happen, maybe. Rise of the machines and all that. “I’m sorry, you’re not using US English, you must be terminated”. [YouTube]

Thanks Bjorn!