This New Prometheus Teaser Shows Ridley Scott Hasn't Lost His Sci-Fi Class

By Sam Gibbs on at

Prometheus, the film that started off life as an Alien prequel, but has since morphed into its own beast, is set for a June 1st launch in the UK. This fake TED2023 talk introduces us to Guy Pearce as Peter Weyland talking cyborgs and Gods, giving us a taste of what’s to come. Hell, it’s sci-fi from Ridley Scott and it looks like he’s back to his best – I can’t wait.

Alien is probably one of my favourite sci-fi flicks of all time; the Ridley Scott-special scared the absolute b'jesus out of me when I was 10. With cyborgs, biotech, God-like powers and limitless ambition – Prometheus sounds it's got its plot absolutely nailed to me. Let’s hope there’s a spot for Xenomorphs in there somewhere, just for old time’s sake. [YouTube via TotalFilm]