This Robot Ice-Skates and Plays Hockey Better Than Me

By Jon Partridge on at

Ok, I generally like robots, and have come to accept that one day we're going to be living in a world that is exactly like Futurama. But this video, as awesome as it is, just makes me kinda mad.

I can't ice-skate, and I certainly can't play ice hockey, so when these students from the University of Manitoba's Autonomous Agents Laboratory created a robot for this May's DARwIn-OP Humanoid Appliance Challenge, that can do exactly those two things (and pretty well, I might add) I'm both awe-struck and just plain jealous. Named after the Canadian three-time Olympic gold winning hockey player, Jennifer Botterill, this robot embodies her spirit in robotic form.

So next time you're out on an ice rink holding on to the side rails, just remember -- there's a robot, doing whatever you're doing, but better. [YouTube via SlashGear]