This Tossing Robot Shoots Mini-Hoops and Throws Darts Better Than Me

By Sam Gibbs on at

Robots can do almost anything these days, including replace humans in space. Now not even professional Darts players are safe from the robot rebellion.

OK, the dartboard is on the table, but I reckon this thing could throw a nine-darter no problem. Even as it is now, it’s miles better than me after many hours of failed pub practice.

The robot that is capable of picking up and throwing just about anything is the brainchild of engineers from Cornell and the University of Chicago, with DARPA-funding of course. It’s based around a “universal jamming gripper” hand, which uses air and sand to quickly grip and release objects. I’m guessing it’s looking for something to toss grenades knowing DARPA – fire in the hole! [Wired UK]