Three Kicks-Off Its Fake "4G" Marketing Rubbish

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’d hoped we Brits would be able to avoid all this fake 4G rubbish that our American cousins have had to endure, but unfortunately Three went there. It’s calling its roll out of HSPA+ 4G, but it’s simply not.

OK, HSPA+ is fast – 42Mbps in theory – so there’s no denying that the latest evolution of 3G is awesome. It has its own merits too; it’s likely to be less power hungry than LTE at launch; it’ll be available earlier, and it’ll be cheaper to implement hopefully meaning it’ll be cheaper for the customer. But it’s not LTE, the next generation of cellular network, and therefore it’s not 4G no matter how it wants to spin it.

The problem is that the “4G” technical term has been murdered by marketing spin. It started off as “4G-like” speeds, but got shortened and defined as anything faster than 3G. Three cites T-mobile in the US for its 4G definition – total marketing bullshit.

Thankfully, Three might have redeemed itself with this little snippet at the end of its blog post:

“As well as continuing the 42Mbps roll out, we’ll also be running our own Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial in the next few months to get ourselves prepared for this technology, when the spectrum needed to run it is made available.”

That’s great – I genuinely welcome Three into the race for proper 4G, but why oh why did it have to go and muddy the waters like that? Why couldn’t it have just called it “super 3G” or “3.75G” – anything other than bloody 4G. HSPA+ is not 4G Three; don’t try and pull that crap with us Brits OK? [Three]

Image credit: Angry man from Shutterstock