Three-Wheeled Contraption Somehow Makes Unicycles Even Less Cool

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Given it has three wheels I know it's technically wrong to call this thing a unicycle. But instead of being positioned as a tricycle for adults, the Cycocycle was designed as an extra stable unicycle that anyone can ride.

So it's a lot easier to just hop on and take it for a spin if you've never been on a unicycle before. Although, unless you work as a busker, a circus clown, or are actually getting paid to look like an obnoxious hipster, there's no reason for anyone to choose a unicycle over a regular two-wheeled bike.

Thanks to a set of heavy duty tires and various footholds and handles built into the frame, the Cycocycle can also be used for performing stunts like you're on a BMX bike straight outta 1986. Just don't expect to blow anyone's mind because without the added element of having to balance, your tricks won't be that impressive. [Cycocycle via TechCrunch]