Three's Trying to Pipe You Home Broadband Over 3G

By Sam Gibbs on at

Three’s just unveiled its plans for an assault on home broadband using its new “Web Cube”, which is essentially just a fancy mains-powered MiFi. It’s hoping to pump you broadband over its HSPDA+ network, removing the need for any landline or installation – just plug and go.

We all know how rubbish 3G can be -- it’s no LTE that’s for sure -- but the Web Cube should be capable of a maximum speed of 10Mbps and an average of 2-5Mbps, which frankly stacks up quite well with the majority of what people can get in Britain.

The Web Cube is being trialled in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds, before rolling out to the rest of the UK. The Cube itself will set you back £60, and Three is offering a one-month rolling contract that’ll burn a £15-shaped hole in your pocket just for 10GB of data (or 15GB a month if you sign for 24-months).

Three’s data network is pretty fast but only really in built-up areas, so you’ll probably be out of luck in rural Britain. Mind you, considering a lot of the country doesn’t even manage 5Mbps, it might be worth a shot especially if you’re a student and not of fixed abode for 12-18 months at a time. I can’t see 3G being able to compete with a decent broadband connection though -- I'll be sticking to my sweet, sweet fibre that’s for sure. [TechRadar, 3G]